Designing, managing and stimulating Real Estate.

So.Ge.I.Com. Srl is the Group company that provides design, engineering, administrative-financial services in the preliminary development stages of any real estate operation.

It also deals with maintenance, care and protection of real estate assets, not only in management and administration but also in marketing operations, providing tangible support in marketing the assets.

Progettare, gestire e stimolare il Real Estate.
Property Facility Management

Are you a real estate operator or private investor?
So.Ge.I.Com. supports you from A to Z.

Having a team of specialised experts constantly available to offer their skills in real estate management has led Gruppo Basso to becoming one of the main operators in the sector in Italy.

So.Ge.I.Com. has opted to offer its services to other real estate operators and private investors, operating throughout Italy, who require support in the development and management of their real estate assets.

What does So.Ge.I.Com. offer?

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1. From idea to actualisation of a project.

  • Feasibility studies
  • Identification of the best location
  • Financial project management
  • Management of relations with institutions
  • Architectural and executive design

2. We know how to place your project/property on the market…

  • Development of ad hoc marketing plans
  • Property marketing
  • Identification of the best contractual solutions

3. … and we know how to manage it.

  • Apartment block management
  • Credit recovery
  • Property maintenance
  • Property Facility Management