Scope of action

General contractor

Costruzioni Generali Basso Cav. Angelo Spa boasts prime references that have recognised its ability to aggregate teams of professionals, taking on total contract responsibility.
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Construction Company

Costruzioni Generali Basso Cav. Angelo Spa is a certified company working for the public and private sector making ad hoc structures by using prefabricated items in prestressed and vibrated reinforced concrete with high static performance.
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Production of prefabricated elements

Produzione industriale di strutture prefabbricate in c.a.v. e c.a.p per la costruzione di capannoni ad uso logistico, direzionale, industriale e retail.
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Type of properties

The certifications


Quality of the finishes.

Costruzioni Generali Basso Cav. Angelo S.p.A. is well known in the market for the high value of the performance assured by its products, in terms of durability, functionality, safety and degree of finish, stemming from the constant commitment towards research and engineering of the productive process.


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A Portogruaro (VE), la nuova logistica di ASVO.

Costruzioni Generali Basso Cav. Angelo S.p.a. firma il nuovo ecocentro ASVO. A marzo 2016 saranno ultimati...
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