Gruppo Basso. Since 1930, people working.

Gruppo Basso has been active for over eighty years and includes the expertise of four operators of the construction and real estate sector,  designing and producing prefabricated items for the Group, for private customers and for Public Administrations.

  • Costruzioni generali Basso Cav. Angelo S.p.A.leader in the production of reinforced concrete prefabricated items and in the construction of large buildings on a “turnkey” basis;
  • Lefim, is the brand with which the Group carries out real estate promotion, development and marketing in the logistics, industrial, business, retail and redevelopment sectors.
  • So.Ge.I.Com Srl, provides global integrated services to the Group’s companies and third-party operators, and is active throughout the country;
  • Basso Hotels & Resorts S.r.l., is active in the national hotel industry as a hotel management company.

The Group’s mission is to offer a complete and comprehensive service (General Contractor), as a one-stop shop in all stages of constructing and marketing various types of assets:

  • retail
  • business
  • production
  • logistics

…but also:

  • building restructuring and renovation
  • development areas

From project analysis and development, to identifying the most suitable location, from studying suitable infrastructural project supports, to economic-financial management of the initiative, to construction of the work followed by asset management.